Zoe’s Journey

Hope,healing,& restoration for women & children in life-altering situations, with housing, education, job readiness,& counseling


How We Give Life

Ladies coming out of life altering situations are afforded the opportunity to rebuild their lives through love, education, and empowerment.  We assist women and children; leading by example.  The ladies complete a Christ-centered curriculum that encompasses eight components critical to Christian development, one-on-one counseling, group counseling, and educational training.  The program utilizes the many resources within the community to assist families in overcoming obstacles in their path. 

Directed to a positive path for their life journey, the ladies are able to become self-sustaining and reunify with their children.  It is the ministry‚Äôs mission to reunify families wherever possible and assist them in not only being self-sufficient, but of good Christian character.  The ladies we serve are homeless and coming out of incarceration, often experiencing overwhelming feelings of hopelessness.  Upon entry into our program, the ladies are empowered and taught that they are worthy and a child of the most high King, the only proponent of life to the fullest. 

Throughout the program they learn to become self-sufficient and put the past behind them.  As they grow, the ultimate goal is to teach them that even terrible things that have occurred can be used for the greater good; taking the tools that were previously negatives in their lives and using them to glorify God and give back to others.  Upon completion of the program the ultimate goal is to have ladies who are an asset to society and are self sustaining within the community where they live.


Kathy came to our ministry following a seven-year sentence at the Florida Department of Corrections.  From as early as age five, Kathy reports recollections of abuse, and, by the age of 13, she was living on the streets of Mississippi.  A life of crime, drugs, and hustling became the norm.  Seeking the love and attention she missed growing up, Kathy resorted to men and drugs.  For the next 26 years, Kathy was in and out of incarceration, living how and where she could.  Over that period of time, she birthed three children and unfortunately, was unable to care for them. Her children were taken from her; two were placed in and out of foster care homes and one was adopted. 

While at the program, Kathy completed numerous classes, was blessed with a new set of teeth, eye glasses, and, most significantly, her self-esteem.  Kathy has become gainfully employed and is a responsible employee; well liked at the organization where she works.  Kathy recently graduated from our program and has been reunified with her family. All of her children and her brothers and sisters are back in her life.  The scars are many, but, the love of Jesus is in her heart and she realizes that through Him, her life has been restored.  Now she is able to be a grandma to her granddaughter and, through the help of her family, Kathy recently moved into a home. Kathy is a self-sufficient, productive member of her community, with the desire to give back to others what has so graciously been given to her.